Dead Trees

Mandi, 24, NY. Graduate student studying English Literature. Multi-fandom personal blog, focusing on Hannibal and specifically, Hannigram.
I like to talk head canons, and sometimes I fill prompts when the mood strikes.
I live in my "Anatomy of a Monster" verse and bleed for Murder Husbands, but Kabloom has become my life's blood as well.
I also run the rather silly Dark!Will twitter @DarkWillGraham.
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beverly katz is that one death you never recover from



your “aesthetic” wont save you when you’re facing the endless inferno of Hell

my aesthetic is the endless inferno of Hell 

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when you get so distracted by hot fbi profilers that u burn dinner

i keep trying to draw bloody, heartbreaking stuff and my brain’s like ‘no, domESTIC’ and i must obey

oh god the pout


whats coming next….? by der_sand

Will could dominate the fuck out of anyone in this.


Yes this would in fact be a great look for Dom!Will

I 1,000% agree!

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Rejseholdet | Allan Fischer | Assistancemelding A-21/99 del 2

lesbianingz inquired:
ding dong i hope will moves to his house in the keys and we get a montage of him working on the house with his dogs and we get a shot of will in the ocean with his dogs hEHEh. but he'd still have nightmares and most of them are indeed diddly about hannibal coming and finding him, but he knows that can't happen but he still has the dreams. he gets a tan, and his hair lightens up, basically he's pretty. the news arrives late to him but a certain cannibal has escaped haha this was dumb

LET’S TALK ABOUT WILL RUNNING WITH THE DOGS ON THE BEACH AND INTO THE OCEAN WITH THEM. Let’s talk about how he finds the smell of the salty ocean soothing, how he likes the take his shoes off at night and feel the cold sand, how it grounds him. How during the day he finds a spot completely deserted and lays with the dogs, not for very long, just enough to let the sun warm him and remind him that he is alive.

He touches his belly scar when he lays there, strokes it, sits on the edge of I’m alive but I could be dead and tries to tell himself that there is a reason he’s alive. He’s got a purpose, he just has to finish carving it out of his reality. He’s got a life- he should enjoy it.

It’s hard when so many other people were hurt- killed even- during Hannibal’s first run.

At night, listening to the waves, he tries to think about what he would do, if I met Hannibal again. He wants to think he’d press a gun to his temple and pull the trigger. He wants to think he’d gut him like Hannibal tried to gut him once. But all he can think of is forcing him to touch his scar, to look at him and ask why. Why this. Why then.

Why any of it at all.