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Mandi, 24, NY. Graduate student studying English Literature. Multi-fandom personal blog, focusing on Hannibal and specifically, Hannigram.
I like to talk head canons, and sometimes I fill prompts when the mood strikes.
I live in my "Anatomy of a Monster" verse and bleed for Murder Husbands, but Kabloom has become my life's blood as well.
I also run the rather silly Dark!Will twitter @DarkWillGraham.
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Imagine Hannibal Lecter sleeping with a cardboard cut out of Will Graham.

Imagine Hannibal Lecter cutting a hole in the mouth of said cardboard cutout.

Imagine Hannibal Lecter with a body pillow of Will Graham.


Hannibal + Reoccuring Themes/Objects

The actual sculpture is Elk by Pierre-Jules Mêne (1810-1879), a French sculptor and animalière. In Will’s dreams/hallucinations, he often sees an elk (aka the ravenstag) which symbolizes the state of his own mind. The stag also shares similar qualities to the Wendigo, a cannibalistic Algonquian mythological spirit. 

Here is a wonderful post I found that goes deeper into this symbolism.


2.04 Takiawase -The demise of Beverly Katz

but this could have been about lesbians
—me, right now, and about most things which aren’t about lesbians (via wolfbadtreepretty)



Mads is so beautiful in this show, I can’t handle it.

Everyone should watch Unit One/Rejseholdet, its so good *__*

Someday, I’m going to magically marry Fischer. Someday.

Anonymous inquired:
how do you think Hannibal would react to brownham?








Do not appologize you gooseberry! Whether it takes one day to update or one year it is all good. You do this of your own free will and time and it is perfectly ok to hit dry spells. You are still amazing!

Steph you’re a darling <3 I’m definitely in a bit of a dry spell. Which sucks because I have so much I want to write, but the ideas can’t seem to find the way out of my finger tips. Aw well. They’ll come. :3



Realizing that my Hannigram blog was turning into a part-time perving on Chilton blog, I thought about dong a sideblog about him and Raúl.

But then consciousdarkness​ mentioned starting like a whole NEW blog, and then I was like, let’s run it together!


So, less…

Reblog for the different time-zone crowd!

For all the Chilton fans out there!